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Our people are called ‘PTLM All-Stars’. As a real estate company, we not only look out for your career aspirations with us, we also want you to be an innovative person and a social maker with people of all walks of life. As one family, we will always cherish great friendships.

Our essentials are as follows:-

We believe in retaining our All-Stars for the longest time in order to successfully nurture, grow and empower their life-long career in this industry with the Firm. We want to create a sense of belonging in the minds of our All-Stars by rewarding consistent achievers, top performance and extraordinary talents.

All-Stars are generously remunerated with highly competitive and above-average industry remuneration rates.

Active Training

Business Opportunity Program

Explore how you could be our next ‘superstar’ negotiator with our comprehensive well-defined remuneration system and fast-tracked real estate career breakthroughs. Ultimately, we want you to be aspired to perform and be inspired by success.

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